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Maxtone Calculator Piano

I bought this tiny but horrifying instrument at a flea market in Hamburg in 2001 for 5 Deutsche Mark. It accompanied me on many a summer field trip, much to the horror of my fellow travelers. It simply sounds weird, as the pitch slides from a very short correct tuning time into something far in between. I amended that a bit by introducing attack and sustain settings in the live pack.

The Maxtone is able to produce speech samples, such as all the numbers form zero to 9, as well as mathematical terms like “divided by” and “clear”. These are also included. I added an old school echo section, as befits this ancient and arcane instrument. 

Recording was done with a Shure SM7b held close to the piercingly loud internal speaker. Preamplification was handled by a Brent Averill 1272, which ran into an RME Fireface.

Here is a short demo of the Maxtone HB featuring my free Uncreate808 sample set: DEMO

Here is the download: DOWNLOAD 

I hope you enjoy this instrument! If so, please fav me here or on my Facebook page.

I’ve never seen one of these before, but I’ll add it to my box of sonic tricks. I’ll file it next to my Stylophone (thanks Rolf!).


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